Integrated Health Care, Integrated Spiritual Care

Integrated Health Care is the latest conversation in the medical and healing community. My guest today, Dr. Robert Butziger, has been involved in this conversation since the beginning. The prospect of integrated health care is that any health care provider will work in complement with all the others who are trying to fix your health. Gradually the conversation has led to a realization that repairing our health is not either a good or efficient process. What is needed is to create a system that will support our health and prevent, as much as possible, the need for repair. The first recognition was preventive medicine. Increasingly it has also meant a recognition of the value of complementary relationships in medicine.

Mainstream now, but not initially without physical therapy, many repair efforts would not be as successful. Increasing recognition of the value of massage, diet and emotional health as factors have led to a broader conversation. 

The part of the conversation that Dr. Butziger, Bob, has pursued most is the realm of integrated spirituality. What part does spirituality play in healing and in health? Not religion particularly but each person's own spiritual connection. In recent years, mindfulness, has become recognized. It is part of the accrediting process for hospitals that they must have a chaplain, not to impose a particular religious view, but to help patients deal with the spiritual aspects of their illness and recovery.

Perhaps, a spiritually integrated psychotherapy would be a valuable part of everyone's healthy life-style, but also of everyones health recovery.

My guest has many years in Pastoral psychotherapy. He has served as regional chair of both the American Counseling Association and the American Association of Pastoral Counseling. In addition to his doctorate in psychotherapy, he also holds a masters in social work and a master of divinity degree.

Reality Therapy and Choice Theory–Kim Olver, M.S., LCPC

One of the most productive and innovative periods of psychotherapy was that of the 1960's through the early 1980's. Transactional Analysis, REBT, Gestalt Therapy, Attachment Theory and observational research in sex and sexuality, all got their start in this period. While the interim has brought a proliferation of modalities and methods of psychotherapy, most of that has been derivative and market driven. Of course improvements and research have helped, but nothing has really made the breakthrough in results nearly so much as TA or REBT or Attachment. Masters and Johnson, Kaplan, Hartmann and Fithian provided the pioneer work which is still the touchstone for sex therapy.

Another major innovation/invention of this period is Dr. William Glasser's Reality Therapy. Reality Therapy put the responsibility for healing, improvement and growth on the client in a starker way than even REBT (RET in those days), but it also viewed the client as the locus of success. More recently, Glasser has explicated the underlying basis for Reality Therapy, which is Choice Theory. In this interview, Kim Olver provides us with more insights into this results oriented model, modality, and technique

Kim Olver is the Executive Director of the William Glasser Institute. She is also founder of the The Academy of Choice, a Choice Theory-based coaching organization. Click on either link for more information.


Sex-Positive Parenting–Airial Clark, M.A.

Airial Clark is a San Francisco Bay Area-based parenting expert and sexologist whose expertise is centered on, but not limited to parenting and sexuality. She holds her master's degree in human sexuality, doing research on race, family structures, parenting and alternative sexuality.

A regular contributor to several on-line media outlets such as Oakland Local, Fearless Press, Good Vibrations magazine, Airial is sought out as an expert on sex-positive parenting, mine was the second interview for her day. She has been featured in and Progressive Talk Radio as a parenting expert.

Her sex-positive parenting workshops are highlighted in the offerings of the Center for Research and Education on Gender and Sexuality, a division of San Francisco State University.

More information about Sex Positive Parenting can be found at her website, The Sex-Positive Parent. Her book, The Quick Start Guide to Sex-Positive Parenting can also be purchased at her website.


The Myth of Sex Addiction

Dr. David Ley has written his recent book, the Myth of Sex Addiction, published in March of this year, to challenge the concept of sexual addiction and explore a different model. Because the diagnosis of addiction is applied almost exclusively to men and is therefore a male diagnosis, he also looks at a different model of male sexuality. It is instructive that in the making of the DSM-V, the "bible" of psychotherapy, the concept of sex addition was rejected for lacking any scientific basis.

Dr. Ley's other popular work is Insatiable Wives: Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them. Both books are available from the usual sources including your local independent book store.

I first encountered Dr. Ley in the midst of a strong debate with one of the proponents of the concept of sex addiction and was impressed by the superiority of his argument, but also with the caring and concern of both parties.

For more information on this or other podcasts, or other issues in emotional health, see my website Turningspirit


Spiritually-Integrated Counseling/Psychotherapy, An Informed Approach—David M. Pittle, Ph.D., M.Div.

For this broadcast, I have decided to interview myself. I usually interview representatives from various therapy modalities, or others who contribute to an enlightened and positive way of life. For this subject, I believe my ideas will open up new avenues for discussion for many people. Let me add that many of my conclusions are not conclusive. I don't think I have the last answer. They are ideas open to discussion. If you have a contribution to make, feel free to add a comment or email me at the address given in my profile. Thank you.

Just as I do for guests, some of my credentials: I am a Fellow of the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, a clinical member of AAMFT, of ITAA, NACBT, and of several other professional associations including two sex therapy organizations. I sometimes give lectures and talks on the subject of spirituality and counseling/psychotherapy and that frequently leads to questions from the audience. I also get questions from my clients.

For more information on this and other counseling/psychotherapy subjects, visit my website, Turning Point


Cognitive Emotive Narrative Therapy–Jim Byrne, D. Couns.

Our guest for this show is Dr. Jim Byrne who received his doctorate in counseling from the University of Manchester. Dr. Byrne is a Fellow of the International Society of Professional Counsellors. He is also the developer of Cognitive Emotive Narrative Therapy.

CENT is very interesting because it is almost unique in refusing to reduce human beings and their emotional behavior to only one, or a limited set of explanations. Dr. Byrne has integrated the insights of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Transactional Analysis, Attachment Theory, Narrative Therapy and other approaches, mapping them together in a more comprehensive approach.

To read more about Cognitive Emotive Narrative Therapy as well as REBT, TA and other modalities which Dr. Byrne has incorporated, you can go to his website at the Institute for CENT.

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Sexology and Hypnotism–Dr. Amy Marsh, Ed.D.

Dr. Amy Marsh, a clinical sexologist, is a creative sex counselor who has developed the use of hypnosis to aid her clients in improving their sexuality. This is just one of Dr. Marsh's contributions to the practice, but it is indicative of someone who has extensive experience in a variety of therapy practices and has integrated the best of it into her work.She has founded the Center for Sexological Hypnotism in order to teach others what she herself has discovered. Also a lecturer at the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality, one of the major universities which teach doctoral-level sexology and where she teaches the use of hypnosis in treating sexological dysfunction.

Dr. Marsh also looks deeply at culture in sexuality and has researched broadly, with special connection to Hawaiian wisdom and practice. Some of her work can be found in her Loves Outer Limits columns in the archives of Carnal Nation at


Cognitive Behavior Therapy and More on REBT–Wayne Froggatt

Wayne Froggatt is a leader in the REBT community. He is the director of the New Zealand Centre for Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy and has devoted over thirty-five years to helping people bring more joy and more authenticity to their lives through REBT.

Among his many accomplishments are several books on the subject, training materials in Cognitive Behavior Therapy and REBT and a number of self-help materials to train average people in being their own counselors through REBT. In addition, he is the author of a questionnaire which helps people discover the underlying philosophies and habits that cause distress or problems of living and keep them from joyful, authentic living, so that they can be clearer what they must change to make their lives better.

(This questionnaire can be accessed from the home page menu of TurningPoint Counseling as can other resources from Wayne and the New Zealand Centre.)


Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy–Jonathan Von Bretton, CCMHC

Jonathan von Breton is our guest on this episode of Joyful, Authentic Living. Jonathan is a licensed clinical mental health counselor, trainer and coach with over twenty years experience is a Rational Emotive Behavior therapist trained at the Albert Ellis Institutes. REBT is the original form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy and is the CBT which get closest to the root of emotional health issues.

Jonathan is an REBT Clinical Supervisor, helping others learn this most powerful and original form of Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

Mr. Von Breton has worked in a variety of settings from private practice to residential and day treatment agencies. One of his interests and efforts is as a volunteer as a professional Advisor to the SMART Recovery Online community, training other SMART Recovery coodinators and advisors. For more information about Smart Recovery, please listen to my interview with Tom Horvath in this podcast series. SMART Recovery is a very successful abstinence based, scientific self-help program for overcoming addictions.


The Joy of Ageless Sex–Joan Price

Sex and Seniors. Our guest for this interview is Joan Price, who calls herself an advocate for ageless sexuality. At sixty-one Joan wrote Better Than I Ever Expected:Straight Talk about Sex after Sixty, celebrating the delights of older life sexuality. She has recently written Naked at Our Age: Talking Out Loud about Senior Sex. This was in response to hundreds of readers who sent her questions about improving their own senior sex lives. Joan went to forty-three experts in the field to find answers to their questions. Visit Joan's website at and her blog about sex and aging at


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